Volunteers needed to help out in the daily running of the Birds of Prey centre at Byrkley Park Garden Centre.

I'm looking for a couple of volunteers who can commit

to a few days a week, who are conscientious, converse

easily with people and have a passion for Birds of Prey.

Jobs include Birds of Prey management and training.

Cleaning aviaries and ground maintenance etc. A

great opportunity to work alongside our Hawks,

Buzzards, kestrels and Owls and be part of

the team. Over 16's only though please.

To get in touch send me an email to

info.hawksflight@gmail.com to

arrange an informal interview.

Alternatively if you know somebody

that would be interested, again

please get in touch.

Birds of Prey &

Owl experiences

          Booking by

appointment only

There has been a fascination with Birds of Prey for centuries. 

The ancient art of falconry is practised within many cultures

and many walks of life and for many, like myself, is a way of life !


Hawksflight Falconry's informative and educational experiences are centred around conservation. Our aim is to educate all ages into the

beauty and magnificence of these raptors and Owls with a hands on and practical approach through a variety of illustrated talks and



Hawksflight's friendly and knowledgeable staff welcome

you to the centre and their passion for the Birds of

Prey and Owls is evident as they guide you

through the secret world of the silent

hunters, the predators of the air !