Hunting with Hawks

Hunting with Hawks is set in the heart of the Needwood Forest in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside and is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the worlds most commonly flown Birds of Prey, the Harris' Hawk.
​The experience will start at the arranged meeting place where you will be introduced to the hawks and a falconers glove will be given to you for your use on the day. The falconer will explain in detail what the hunting with hawks will involve, including safety and countryside etiquette. On arrival at the hunting grounds we will begin the experience beating the surrounding cover for rabbit and pheasant while the hawks wait on in the trees above. Watch the spectacular stoops as they crash into the bramble patches after flushed quarry, as you are now working in partnership with your hawk.

Ideally, you should be physically fit as there's lots of walking, climbing over fences, a few hills to negotiate and the occasional battle through the bramble patches !
Ferreting for rabbits in the numerous warrens is another string to the bow. Feel the anticipation as we wait....hawk on gloved hand ready for a rabbit to bolt. Witness the speed and tenacity of a Harris' Hawk in full flight at quarry, the excitement of the chase.
​Hunting with Hawks is a unique hunting experience taking only two people at a time as this gives a more personal experience. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee catching anything on the day but there will always be an opportunity of a chase or two.
The weather plays a big part when hunting with Birds of Prey so dark coloured, warm and waterproof clothing and wellington boots would be advised. Please be aware that it can also ruin a days hunting so in case of howling wind and rain the day will be cancelled and rearranged to suit.
£85.00 per person for a half day experience. Spectators £25.00 per person. Mornings or afternoons.
Full day experiences are available. For further information please get in touch.
PLEASE NOTE ;  Hunting with Hawks experience days are only availble from November 1st to the end of February. Guests are restricted to one spectator. No children under the age of 16 and strictly NO DOGS !
To book your Hunting with Hawks experience please tel. 07904 436 333 or email
As soon as we have received payment we will send you a confirmation of your booking along with a voucher for your experience.

Gift vouchers available

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