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Birds of Prey experiences

Birds of Prey experience

3 hours £95.00 per person

£20.00 spectator


A more indepth look at how we work at the centre with a maximum of up to eight guests.


A one to one option is available for £120.00.


Learn about the Birds of Prey and Owls we have at the centre and their management.


Topics covered will include husbandry, housing, diet and food preperation, weight control, training, falconry equipment and telemetry. You will be shown how to tie the falconers knot and handle the birds safely.


There will be a short break for tea and biscuits before heading over to the flying field where you will be shown the basics of training and flying some of the birds to your gloved fist.

We will then finish the experience with a hawk walk across nearby fields so a good pair of walking boots or wellingtons would be advised.


Please be aware that the hawk walk is only available from October til mid March.

A two or one hour experience with a maximum of eight guests.


A one to one option is available for £95.00 for the two hour and £65 for the one hour.


An informative and educational experience centered around the conservation of these incredible raptors. Learn about their different hunting styles and how they catch their prey in their natural environment.

For those with a passion for just Owls there's the Owl experience. Get up close and personal with the 'teddy bears' of the bird world and their nocturnal and diurnal lifestyles.


A two or one hour experience with a maximum of eight guests,

A one to one option is available for 

£95.00 for the two hour and £65 for the one hour.


The experience includes handling and flying several of the birds with an informative and educational talk about each species of Owl being flown.


Guided talk and tour

45 minutes £25.00 per person 


Learn about the resident  Birds  of  Prey and Owls with a guided talk and tour  of centre.


Booking in advance is recommended as availabilty for this experience is limited due to other commitments.



Birds of Prey experience
2 hours £75.00 per person 
£20.00 spectator
1 hour £45.00 per person
£15.00 spectator

Owl experience
2 hours £75.00 per person
£15.00 spectator
1 hour £45.00 per person
£15.00 spectator

Gift vouchers available

Please note : Experiences are only available for booking on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To book your experience please tel.  07904 436333 or email

When booking a specific date a 25 % non returnable deposit  is required. As soon as I have received your payment I will send you confirmation of your booking along with a voucher for your experience.

Please note : Hawksflight Falconry reserve the right to cancel all experiences due to bad weather on short notice. This includes strong winds, rain, fog and very hot weather and rearrange to suit.

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