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"Well, we weren't sure what to expect with our falconry experience. It was bought as a present for my boyfriend and I knew he'd enjoy it, but I wasn't sure what it would entail or if I would enjoy it. Goodness me, did we get a shock. Every year we do birthday experiences for each other and we both agreed that this bypassed any other day/experience we had in nearly 10 years!!!! Not only was David funny, knowledgable and interesting, but his passion was infectious and we both got swept up in the experience! We adored every second. The birds are incredible...beautiful, intelligent and very much individuals - I loved getting to know them! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!"


Charlotte Baker



Today I have had one of ther experiences of my life, something that was really wonderful.


I had the Hawksflight Falconry Owl experience and I am still on cloud nine, unable to comprehend anything that could be better.


I learned all about the Owls and flew, not one Owl like I was expecting but several. It was a real privilage to act one to one with these beautiful creatures and see up close how happy and healthy they are. It really is one of those things for the bucket list; a must to experience before you die, and what a gift idea for someone to receive on their Birthday or Christmas Day. A really great couple of hours that was worth every penny.


Janet Scaif   9th August 2014



Darren Tomes – I had a amazing day id happily do it again :-D



Amber-Rose Brodie – I have had such a fantastic day, I didn't want to leave ! 
Had loads and loads of info on the birds and their breeds, why there eyes are certain colours, their background, their diet and so much more....
Dave was a brilliant guide! Made the day very enjoyable, I'd recommend this day out for any one, of all ages! 
I took so many photos and videos which I can't wait to show off!
It was lovely to see happy healthy birds also! 
very big thankyou from myself and Ed! 
keep up the good work guys!


Jo Porrino – A fantastic family day out. Real hands-on experience with a variety of birds. Excellent experience, would highly recommend to anyone with even a vague interest in birds of prey.



John Madeley – Brilliant day on Saturday, can't wait to go back see all of you guy's.



Frank Clarke – Go visit its a good experience and well worth it !



Neil Hastilow – Fantastic experience, best possible way to spend a Sunday morning, thanks!


Helen Hastilow – Fantastic morning spent on a Hawk Walk with David and Scout, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks.



Sarah-Jane Carney – Excellent morning at Hawksflight Falconry. Lots of hands on with the birds, loads of information and fortunately the weather was good too! Flew Tilly the Barn owl, Hackett the Tawny owl, Jess the Kestrel and a beautiful Bengal Owl.

I had this bought for me as a gift..... excellent.... would really recommend.


Would like to say a huge Thank you for a lovely morning with yourself & your Owls. Myself, Ade & more importantly Jorja had a great time with you all.

We were really impressed with your subject knowledge & your passion for your feathered friends, & Jorja loved spending time up close & personal with them. It really was value for money & a fantastic experience.

I have every intention of recommending you to friends & family & look forward to a second visit in the future for a falconry experience.

Thank you again with best wishes

Debbie Farndon

Took my dad to the falconry for an hours falconry experience. He loved it. The weather was clear but cold.
David who owns / runs the falconry part is lovely. Couldn’t ask for a nicer bloke. He was friendly and very
patient. Knowledgeable and explained everything very well. Would highly recommend for anyone who likes
birds - young or old. Plenty of parking in the garden centre. Had lunch too in the restaurant. Smashing day out.

We went to Byrkley Garden Centre today with family but mainly for my father-in-laws present, a visit to the
falconry. They guy who runs it is really nice, really knowledgeable and passionate about his birds. The birds
are really happy, clearly well looked after and a pleasure to watch fly around. The Falconry is a seperate business
to the garden centre but well worth paying to see.

Visited Sunday 6th May on a very warm day for our 3 hour owl / hawk experience. Dave was fantastic with
his knowledge & importantly how he looked after the birds. He was also very caring to his guests for the
experience. Answering any questions, full of fantastic information but the best bit was donning the glove and
having the magnificent birds fly to your fist, not just once but several times, owls & hawks. Many thanks to
the young man who was assisting him.

This experience is something you will never forget & I would highly recommend you come here to Hawksflight

Thank you Dave, from Kim & Dave Machin.

Located at the back of the garden centre near the animals. Amazing 3hrs with owls & hawks. Very knowledgeable
and interesting, lovely to see the birds been put first and handled with enthusiasm. Would highly recommend.


Had a 3 hour birds of prey experience given as a birthday present. It was fantastic. It is run by a man who was
obviously very knowledgeable about his birds and it was evident he had a lovely relations with the birds as well
as the ferrets. It was all inspiring seeing the birds in flight and the agility to glide in the air and manourvre
round/ through obstacles (that was us) was incredible. This experience allows you to learn about the history
behind falconry, learn about the nature of different breeds of owls, hawks and buzzards as well as the fantastic
opportunity to experience the birds landing on your gloved arm. You also get a sense of the individual characters
of the birds and their little quirky ways. well presented, informative, fun and definitely worth the money.


Thanks for a brilliant time this morning, we both found it very interesting and also it was great to get up close to these beautiful birds and

experience the flight and landing onto the glove, it was a very memorable two hours and we at some point will be back, and also I will pass

onto friends and family about the Owl Experience it was great


Kind regards


Carol & Dave Hill 



Just spent the morning with the Owls at Hawksflight. Had a brilliant time. Would recommend this to anyone.


Ian Parkes



Lara Yarnall – Went for the 2 hour owl experience and it was absolutely amazing. I already knew some stuff but yet they still managed to teach me something new and if I didn't live so far away I would definitely volunteer. Absolutely fantastic, thank you!



Cheryl Floyd Was Holden – Just back from an amazing day at Hawksflight. I had the 3 hour falconry experience which was informative as well as up close and personal with the birds. Dave was a great host who has a special bond with all of his birds and a world of information. Thank you for the experience and we will definitely be back for more falconry experiences.



Paul Edward Hartley – Great day today 19 / 6 / 2015 ,very informative and the bird are spectacular , highly recommend anyone to go and have a look you wont be disappointed Many Thanks



Alexandria Bruckshaw‎ - Amazing experience!! Thank you for a lovely morning



Debby Hollis - .Had the most wonderful morning in the company of beautiful Owls, highly recommend the Owl handling experience x



Joanne Moore -  Thank you so much for a great couple of hours with your owls, my girls and I had a lovely afternoon and got some lovely pictures which we will hopefully post soon! Keep up the good work Dave :-) x



Mark Healey - Just a short note to thank you for a wonderful experience today. Any time you listen to someone talk who obviously loves there subject, It's a rewarding experience.Your passion and commitment to your birds made the day.....well that and meeting Thistle :-)



Janet Page – went for the 3 hour birds of prey experience. it was just wonderful! very good fun and interesting talk about all the individual birds then some great flying time with some of them. Thistle the long eared owl was my fave! just the best 3 hrs ever! will deffo go back.



Garry Tarplee – got the "Owl experience" for my wife and attended as a spectator. 2hrs just flew by (no Pun intended) it was so good! The wife loved it and I have some fabulous photos of her with the Owls. I will definitely be returning for the Falconry experience. So much information on all the Birds of Prey, you don't only get to feed and handle the Birds, you learn so much more.



Stephen Gardner – Thanks for a brilliant experience. David's rapport with his birds is truly amazing.



Amy Dench – Absolutely fantastic three hour experience for my 8 year old son who loves birds of prey, thank you for your very knowledgeable talk throughout even I learned a few things! You can see so much care and admiration you have for your birds and they are all beautiful



Sarah-Jane Freeman – We had an amazing day yesterday at hawksflight falconry dave was fantastic there is nothing he dose not know about his birds of prey. Would highly recommend going to hawksflight loved meeting all the birds of prey and so happy to have flown tilly thank u for making my birthday a day to remember

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